Monday, August 17, 2009

Before and After

We've been working on our house since the beginning of June and I have a couple of photos to share. We're not done but are at least moved in. Here are a few before and after kitchen shots:
This is the sink our family helped us buy in Italy. It's similar to the ones that they had in their homes and was quite a process getting over here. I love it and am flooded with good memories when I see it.The other areas that have seen a lot of work are the two bathrooms and the main living area. I'll post photos of those once I've taken them.

Dressed Up

Thank you Aunt Sarah and Aunt Rosella for my snazzy sweater vest and white button down shirt.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Cork Floors + Black Cubes + A Fun Dad = Giggles

This was taken the first night we spent in our new place. I'm posting this especially for you, Mom. I thought you'd like to see how much we are appreciating the black cubes.