Saturday, May 30, 2009

You know it's been awhile since you've blogged when... takes three tries to remember your correct user name and password.

Here are a couple photos from our recent trip to Italy. Garett's grandfather was born in the small mountain town of Cassingheno about an hour outside Genova. This is a picture of his second cousins Lisetta and Norina, their husbands Rino and Lino and mother Theresa, and neighbor (who also lives in LA half of the year and was a very helpful translator) Maria. They have this amazing room below their home called a taverna where they host large family meals usually on Saturdays and Sundays. The wine abounds and the large wood fired pizza oven in the corner delivered individual pizzas on our last day together. Wyatt's backpack-turned-high chair got us through the deliciously long and leisurely meals.
Lisetta and Wyatt shared a particular bond. It was as if they were old friends when they first met.
Wyatt's first taste of fresh lemon gelato. You'd think he didn't like it but he ate nearly an entire bowl making this face after every bite.We went to our favorite little beach town, Levanto. The Hsiehs told us about it several years ago and we can't visit Italy without spending at least three days there. This was a typical shot from the days where we traveled by train.
Levanto has a large sandy beach where we spent most of our time. The water was warm and the sea still so it made for easy swimming.
Gratuitous family shot during our best non-family prepared meal.
I'll end with a product endorsement. The travel bed that Wyatt is playing in made our trip pleasant. He slept in it on the airplane in the space below our feet in our bulkhead seats and slept in it on the train while we traveled when he was tired. He slept in it every night during our stay and that allowed us to sleep well and enjoy the days. I got it from Amazon but here's a link to the manufacturer's website:,5 When packed up, it fit snugly in my carry on suitcase. Seriously the most worthwhile $75 we spent on the trip.