Thursday, June 30, 2011

Backyard Tastiness

The garden is in full bloom and we are enjoying it quite a bit. We planted nine tomato plants (six varietals), three different types of lettuce, arugula, brussel sprouts, carrots, onions, zucchini, broccoli, potatoes, and 72 strawberry plants. Yes, 72. We have about five ripe strawberries every day. Part of the fun this year is Wyatt's interest in the process. Last year he mostly dug up the plants and tore off unripened veggies but this year he helps us water and weed and, most importantly, eat. We're still working on a love of lettuce but twice daily salads are our summer treat. Here's Wyatt "helping" with the garden early on in his boots and undies.
Our first carrots.
Red potatoes that we thought we finished but actually weren't.
And our treasured babysitter, Rachel, who graduated from Cal Poly in June. She has been spending time with Wyatt since he was about a month old. She used to come over for about two hours so that I could take a long, uninterrupted nap when I was so tired I could hardly remember my name. Wyatt fell in love with her immediately and they've had adventures since. Across two towns, three houses, countless meals and rests and bedtimes and puzzles and forts and songs, she's faithfully cared for Wyatt and our lives are better because of her. Plus she taught him some serious booty shaking and body rolling dance skills.

Friday, June 17, 2011

A Few More

These are pictures from our time with family in Genova. It was meaningful being together in spite of the language barrier. Wyatt made a friend named Simone and discovered they share a mutual love of construction equipment.

This first picture is in honor of Father's Day. I am honored to have a partner like Garett and can't imagine life without him. A few of my favorite things about him today include:

- His green thumb
- The way he plays hard with Wyatt
- His abounding creativity
- The way he laughs in the movie theatre like he's the only one there
- His kind words
- His tough questions
- The way he serves without hesitation

Monday, June 6, 2011


We spent almost two weeks on the Italian Riviera, first in Levanto, then Genova and Borghetto Santo Spirito and finally Cassigheno. The first half of the trip we were on our own and the second half we were with Garett's warm family.

Renting a car and by a happy accident getting a sporty, speedy Alfa Romeo
Renting bikes for a day
Spending most of our time at the beach
Eating gelato at least once and sometime twice a day
Daily happy hour with tasty beverages watching the sun drop into the sea
Eating tasty pizza and focaccia
Our teeny two bedroom attic apartment just one house from the beach
Garett meeting a fellow man-of-the-sea, Tore, who took us fishing
Renting a boat, anchoring off Bonassola and swimming in the crisp Mediterranean Sea with my boys
Gobs and gobs of sea glass

These are photos from Levanto.