Saturday, April 28, 2012


Life has felt full the past couple of months but is seems to be slowing down a bit.  I'm reading Abundant Simplicity by Jan Johnson and am noticing how being still allows God's spirit in new ways.  More of that, please.
Wyatt is still making us laugh and pull our hair out, sometimes at the same time. A few weeks back, I came around the corner to find him in the bathroom with his entire head jammed into the toilet bowl.  You can imagine my shriek, "Wyatt, what are you doing?"  His response still bring tears of joy and horror to my eyes.  "I thought it would be funny to be a poop head."
Yesterday we saw Chimpanzee at the movie theatre.  It is a beautifully simple film about a tribe of chimpanzees following one particular relationship between a young chimpanzee and his mother.  Wyatt was enthralled and leaned over during a poignant scene and said, "Mommy, my eyes feel like they are going to cry because I am so sad."  What a great opportunity to talk about the range of feelings we experience through art.  His depth of feeling continues to move me.  As his deeply feeling mother, I can imagine the way that pain will impact him greatly and joy will flow from deep within.  There is great opportunity to know God through intense feelings and I hope we are able to continue learning together how to do this.