Friday, September 16, 2011


This afternoon Wyatt woke up from a long rest asking to make chocolate cupcakes. I obliged and we carefully added each ingredient together. As we stirred Wyatt said, "Mommy, I'm being really patient. I'm patient when we're making cupcakes because I do not want to get a consequence." Maybe we are on to something? I can hear myself now. "Let's pretend we're making cupcakes..."
This was last weekend when Wyatt got a cheetah face painting at the Italian street painting festival at the Mission downtown. He still loves wild and mysterious animals. And he continues to be a wild and mysterious animal.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Fish That Will Not Be Named

A few weeks ago Garett caught an enormous, 47 inch, 32 pound fish. I would love to tell you all about it but it's super top secret and Garett might banish me from all things boat related if I give away his fishing spot. I will tell you that it was amazing eating and that I don't think I've ever seen Garett quite so proud and beaming. To top it off, my Midwestern foodie friend, Jenni, was able to shower Garett with interest in his moment of glory. About 45 pictures were taken and Garett still lights up like a Christmas tree when I pull out the pictures on my phone.

While I'm spotlighting Garett, I'd like to mention something else that is especially pleasant about him. I'm back to teaching. The first several weeks are always a mix of joy in getting back to what I love and exhaustion in all of the administrative details that pile up at the beginning of the semester. I am teaching on Monday and Tuesday nights from 7 - 10, in addition to my usual Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Last night as I headed to my Tuesday night class, I felt bad leaving Garett and Wyatt with no prospect of dinner in sight. Not to say that I am the usual dinner-preparer in our home, it's typically a team effort. But I knew Wyatt was tired after his day at preschool with no nap and I also knew that the fridge was nearly entirely empty. Sorry, honey.

But Garett is creative and committed to feeding Wyatt and himself well. He put together a fantastic pasta meal that I came home to enjoy after late class last night. Here's what I found: Whole grain fusilli pasta with asparagus, red and yellow tomatoes (from our garden), banana squash (from a friend's garden), chopped walnuts and a dash of olive oil and fresh herbs with shredded Asiago cheese on top. Delicious. I felt so cared for to come home to this tasty meal.
Here's Garett in his fishing glory.

A few friends visited in early August and the time together was beyond expectation. We played, rested, ate well and connected. To have time together without our kids was a great, great gift.

And I finally got to go paddleboarding again. My first attempt was in Santa Barbara in July and my balance was less than stellar to say the least. I could not stand on the board for more than about 5 seconds without crashing into the open ocean with flailing arms and legs just hoping to catch the board. It was not a pretty sight. This experience was easy and pleasant. The board was enormous. I don't think I could have tipped it over if I tried. Garett and Wyatt cheered me on from the side.

It's difficult for me to describe what it is about being on or in water that fills my soul but it does. Maybe it's the bit of adventure that I need? Or maybe it's experiencing close-up the beauty of God's creation? Or maybe it's using different muscles? Or maybe it's being all by myself in the quiet of the sea? All I know is that it is important and I intend to make time for it even when life feels full.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


This week Wyatt started calling me mom instead of mommy and I can honestly say it is the first moment that I've been sad to see him growing up. I feel like all of the sudden I have a teenager on my hands when I hear the long, drawn out, two syllable, "Ma-ahm." Where did my three year old go and will he return?

Then he pees all over his clothes and needs my help to wipe his bottom. Oh, there he is.