Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

I couldn't imagine a more wonderful way to spend Christmas than playing on the beach with family. My dad and I even got to play catch. Happy birthday, Jesus.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Best Deal Ever

Last night we decided to get a Christmas tree. It's possible that we could have planned this out a bit better so that we could enjoy the tree for longer than two days. We drove past the tree lot in favor of a quick pozole dinner. As we cruised by the lot at 7:30 the lights were off and it was shut down. Because who is out buying a Christmas tree on the night of the 23rd? We are.
We ended up going to the pharmacy near our house and found a beautiful Douglas Fir with a stand marked down to $5. I think they may have paid us to take the tree. We had a good laugh as we hoisted the tree into the truck and decided this may be a new tradition - a $5 pharmacy tree the night before Christmas Eve.
Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 12, 2011


Wyatt's been saying more funny things as he connects the dots in his little world. I find myself laughing nearly all the time and I much prefer laughing to crying. This morning he declared, "Santa drives a very unusual vehicle," and then told me all the details about the sled and the reindeer and the flying. I guess I can't disagree.
As we talk about Christmas and celebrating Jesus' birthday, he figured out that this may be an occasion for cake. This has exponentially increased interest in the season.
I gave in and we baked sugar cookies together this afternoon. After using "baking cookies" as a reward for over a week, I finally had to make good on my promise. We now have undecorated sugar cookies resting all over the kitchen counter and I suppose Garett will smile when he sees them. Maybe I can pawn off the decorating to Garett while I give a final tonight?
We are also learning how to think of others and not ourselves. This is a difficult concept for my 34 year old self and it's even more impossible for my 3 year old boy. One way we're practicing this is entering toy stores together and focusing on what might bring joy to our cousins rather than ourselves. It's sweet to see Wyatt's heart expand.
As I am tempted to pile up the calendar, I breathe deep and ask God for his peace during this notoriously busier time of year. Our families have given us the gift of "no gifts" this Christmas so this has relieved us of the constant focus on purchasing that thing that someone probably doesn't really need anyway. We get to share, instead, with those who probably need it more. For me, this is about using the resources and energy that God has blessed us with to do things that He cares about. I don't want to miss these opportunities.
Sometimes I compare myself with other families who do loads of crafty/homemaking things during this season. There is such beauty and creativity happening around the world but I find a way to make it about me. This turns the focus onto myself and what I do or don't do and how I may or may not be thwarting Wyatt's Christmas experience. It is ridiculous the thoughts that bounce around in my head and I am reminded of my deep need for a Savior.
Yes, a Savior. A Redeemer who rescues us from ourselves. I need that Savior more than ever.