Monday, February 23, 2009

Have you seen these thighs?

Wyatt is really building some serious thigh muscles these days. I keep reminding him to appreciate this short period of time when having chubby thighs is generally believed to be cute.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Good Times

Can I call this a blog if I only post an average of once per month?

A few weeks ago Wyatt and I had an adventure. I was driving us home after he'd spent the evening with my friend and colleague, Sam. I took a left turn onto a one-way street, nailed the curb and popped my front left tire. It was in a safe, residential area and I was able to easily pull over and call AAA. They said help would arrive within 30 minutes so Wyatt sat on my lap in the front seat and our fun began.

Wyatt thought he'd died and gone to heaven being able to sit in the front seat and play with the steering wheel. I turned up Vampire Weekend and Wyatt started doing his upper body belly dancing to the strong, rhythmic beat. Then we rolled down the window, opened the sunroof and hung our heads out to feel the cool breeze across our faces. We observed the nearly full moon and read Goodnight Moon under its glow.

One of the things I love about Wyatt is the way he makes a flat tire feel like an adventure. If I'd had this exact same experience one year prior, I likely would have been lamenting the fact that my huge belly barely fit behind the steering wheel and complaining that AAA took twice as long to appear as they'd estimated.